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Safety1st's mission is to restore, reinvent and transform communities nationwide from the inside out, enabling communities to become livable, sustainable, and welcoming, no matter their condition.
You can reach us by phone at:  (510) 844-2444
Or Email us here:  info@safety1stusa.com
What We Do
Safety1st builds healthy communities through public safety, community engagement and outreach, while serving as a trusted and effective community liaison for institutional services and support; and restoring community confidence,  fostering collective activism which leads to reduced incidents, better social outcomes and the realization of community efficacy.
Safety1st is a social enterprise focused on keeping neighborhoods clean and safe.  Our success in revitalizing neighborhoods is rooted in our philosophy and approach towards outreach and community engagement.

Safety1st was founded in 2002 to provide event management and hosting services for specialized entertainment events.  The business evolved into a community-oriented public safety enterprise through the firms success in providing clean and safe services to Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) or Community Benefit Districts (CBD’s). Safety1st’s management structure consists of three general partners, Messrs Kyle Franklin, Lathan Hodge and Stephen Hicks, supported by our Chief Technology Advisor Raj Singh, Operations Managers, an in-house coordinator and professional leadership training professional, Dr. Hollis Pierce and our staff of Community Liaison Officers.

Our service approach has been researched, tested and honed to achieve results in communities where it has been implemented.  We are one of the first organizations in California to approach community safety from an outreach and collective engagement perspective, combining hosting and neighborhood observation with social service support, data collection and case referral services.  Safety1st has an advisory board consisting of a academic professionals grounded in community research, former law enforcement professionals who specialize in community policing, and community leaders and policymakers in the Bay Area.
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